Saturday, 1 March 2014

St David's Day - welcome March!

"Don't say that spring has come until you can put your foot on nine daisies"
~ old proverb ~

Cottage Garden - 23 March 2011
Cottage Garden - 20 March 2012 
I always look forward to a wonderful burst of vibrant yellow as the first daffodils appear in my tiny 'woodland garden'.  As of this morning there are a bank of them standing tall and straight with healthy green buds ready to unfurl when the time is just right.  In this part of Suffolk the first daffodils tend to properly flower on or around 20 March which is officially the first day of Spring so very good timing in fact ... have the first daffodils bloomed in your neck of the woods yet?
It wasn't really planned in any way (I'm not that organised and have no idea of their names) but I seem to have various varieties flowering at different times, with the one below showing its pretty face well into May.  Isn't it gorgeous!
Cottage Garden - May 2012
So alas, no daffodils here just yet but still going strong are the snowdrops, together with purple, yellow and white crocuses which all look very, very pretty indeed. 
(Oops I tried to upload some photos from this morning but my camera is misbehaving and as I wanted to get this post published before going out I have decided to just go with the daffy pics only - sorry)
Happy St David's Day!

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  1. Hello Jeanne,

    Narcissi are such an incredibly varied family and it is so wonderful when one can enjoy them in variety for several months of the year. They really are such harbingers of Spring.

    We fondly remember great sheets of the wild Narcissus cyclamineus which clothed many a field around us in Herefordshire and the 'Pheasant's Eye' in our own garden which had such a lovely scent when carried on the air in bright sunny days.

    Yours are lovely and must have cheered your spirits today as you walked out and saw them. All that promise to come after the long, difficult days of Winter. Surely all must be well with the world and with you we hope!

  2. We have some tete a tete daffs out in the front garden.Lots of daffodils around town today as we are in Wales.

  3. I wish I would see something other than snow! We are expecting more snow today and tomorrow but I am considering this the first day of spring, at least according to the weathercasters.


  4. We have quite a few daffodils out, mainly miniature ones plus snowdrops, crocus, primroses and wind flowers, all quite early this year. Lots of daffodils out and about around us.

  5. hello Jeanne. Yes, the daffys have been well underway in Cornwall for a while now, though perhaps not as advanced as they usually are. Love the varietal mix - must aim for this here! x

  6. Happy St David's Day, Jeanne. I have one daffodil out in my garden. The rest are all green buds, but lovely to watch every day as they get nearer to flowering. Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog - sorry you're having a bit of a prob getting it to post. My computer sometimes has a naughty fit too and will post everything in duplicate.

  7. I am fortunate enough to live near acres and acres of fields full of daffodils, followed by tulips! The farmer was on the local news recently saying that they had flowered too early this year and he is running against the clock to get them picked while in bud and then chilled for mother's day. In my own garden, I have two! I will keep my eye on my daisy patch and wait for the nine to flower!! Enjoy the weekend xx

  8. Your daffadils are so beautiful. I have never grown them. I have done tulip bulbs at pur previous house and they were a joy to watch pop up and bloom. Your first photo is my favorite and inspires me with my yellow rose paintings.

  9. I thought envious thoughts - until I read what you'd written :-))))
    There are daffs out along the roadside in Haverhill and the 'Toilet-Roll' roundabout (you have to be local to get it!) is covered with daisies!
    Just one Tete-a-Tete showing yellow in our garden ... but as you said, the early flowers are splendid this year. xx

  10. Lov ly pics - Have a nice Sunday and a great week ahead, Take Care Inge

  11. The Tete a Tetes are just flowering in my garden and I've seen lots on the roadside verges but mine are stil in bud

  12. I've seen one or two daisies but not nine together! The daffodils in our garden sound at the same level of growth as yours but I do have a pot of tete a tete on the step which I bought recently and they are fully in flower. It haas been such a good year for snowdrops and we've seen lots of lovely ones. Unfortunately they don't like the soil in our garden so we can't grow them:)

  13. No daffodils here yet. My iris reticulata are blooming, but even the crocuses are still holding back just yet. I've planted some new daffodils this year, Professor Einstein. I must admit to preferring the traditional yellow ones, but fancied a change this year so I've gone for a fancier variety. I'm looking forward to them blooming.

  14. errrr...... ummmmm..... (she says as she looks out her window at a good couple of feet still on the ground and more unbelievably frigid temperatures on the way, this week....) Are you sure you live on the planet earth? It's just hard to imagine the reality of warmth and green growing things in the Northern Hemisphere. Take joy!!! =D


  15. a good couple of feet of SNOW, that is... ;)

  16. Happy St. David's Day. No daffs here in N.Wales as yet, unless you count my supermarket bunches! Good to see you blogging again :)

  17. What a beautiful, delicate shade of yellow those are. Quite unlike the brazen thunderclap of bright Forsythia yellow daffodils can sometimes be.

    Have you seen Elizabeth's recent post about snowdrop counting? It's quite wonderful. My latest is about wild violets.

    Ahh, spring flowers. It's like fallng in love all over again each year.


  18. Dear Jeanne,

    You have some beautiful varieties of daffodils in your garden Jeanne! They buds are almost opening up in my garden. Perhaps this week I will see the first flowers.

    By the way, I think I spotted more than nine daisies in my garden, so it must be spring :-)!!

    Happy week ahead!

    Madelief x

  19. Dear Jeanne,
    Your daffodils are lovely, I like the filled ones very much! It will take quite a while until the daffodils will be in bloom here. At the moment I can only see green leafs and 1 or 2 small buds. But when the sun comes out more and more crocuses open their flowers, it´s wonderful!

    Liebe Grüße, Bärbel

  20. Dear Jeanne,

    I'm so happy to hear you're back in the blogworld again. You've been missed you know and I'm so glad you found the joy to start writing again. Good to have you back.♥

    Here our ddaffodils soon will burst open and I can't wait. :)

    Take care sweet Jeanne!


  21. I can hardly wait for some daffodils or anything green around here! It's been a long and brutal Winter so I'm sure my heart will sing the minute I catch a glimpse of "any" tiny leaf, in the meantime I will enjoy your beautiful photos XO


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